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Open Access Point(Big kill zone)
This was the very beginning of the map, this was put together in a weekend(the grillwork is shoot-throughable, clip/missile with an Alpha on the surface of the clip/missile.)
Here I had started to apply LightJuniors to the area, which threw up the effect of an ugly matt area being cast on the top parapet brush.(this was later taken out and resculpted)
An objective is placed!
This started originally as a weapon platform area but then evolved into an Engineering workstation/Communication point(?)containing machines,computers and machine noise.
The door is locked.
All shoot- throughable grillwork.......though you could try to hide!
Due to the vulnerability of players in this station point, players need a large measure of cooperation here.Things could get very messy really really fast!
You do not wanna be looking up from down there at an enemy soldier(time to kiss ass goodbye!)
Where possible, save yourself the hassle and time of repeating yourself and save your nice work as a prefab(i.e gooddoor.pfb)and stash it somewhere external (write all your work to cd's, never trust secondary hdd)from your PC! PROTECT YOUR WORK AT ALL COSTS!!!
As cut and paste saves time in word documents you can(beware overkill on this though!)do the same with doors, frames and things that are generally time consuming to mitre and manipulate.
(Possible) Access to death.(if without back-up)
A vulnerable point? Or temporary respite from the madness above?
Of course, machines need a power source....realism(if manageable!) in your map makes a difference.