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Going underground...
Where the brass bands play(NOT!) and feet start to pound!
  The underground level contains workrooms, storage and through a door at your peril(though, enter you must!)
The same room as previous, though this time you are loking out from a duct in the wall!
  One half of the Garage..
And the other half!(The shutter between garage spaces is a caulk brush textured and in the properties box(highlight the brush and hit "n")for key use "angle"(without brackets!:-) and then in "value" put in -1, dont forget to hit ENTER when you complete your commands.
I also gave the steel shutter door a sound from the properties box as well.
Activates from touch.
  What a nice spot to be in armed to the teeth watching the enemy skulk through...woooo hoooooo!!!!
Anybody here?....







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